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Added July, 2015. A church welcoming statement

Added July, 2014. The creed of the true believer

Added July, 2014. A science-fiction story (in progress) titled YOUNGSTERS

Added July, 2014. A short story (4 pages) titled A DOG'S LIFE

The above is a fictional short story. I also wrote a true story of a time when God interacted with us outside of time. It may be found at A True Story

I also wrote a history of the automobile which is available in two forms, the first is over 1,000 pages and suitable for viewing only on a PC monitor. The second is a condensed version, 80 pages, suitable for printing. The link for both of these is AUTO HISTORY, 0000 to 2100

I wrote a short piece on the adoption of my son, Daniel Burgeson, from Korea. The link is DANIEL

Finally, I wrote a short piece called MASKS, THE HUMAN CONDITION It is centered on my daughter Anna.

More of my writings, primarily book reviews for PERSPECTIVES, the quarterly journal of the American Scientific Association, are on page 2 of my webite.

Added June, 2012

A puzzle

Added February, 2011

My review for PERSPECTIVES of The Constant Fire by Adam Frank. This was the last of 40 or so book reviews I wrote for them over the past 20 years.

Bess Kalb, from Wired Magazine, informed me of a broken link in the baseball section where I pointed to a PDF file containing a copy of the 1620 baseball game I developed in 1960 - 61. The breakage happened when I went to a free service supporting this site and is now fixed. A copy is also available on Wilkipedia.

On the meaning of "repent" as applied to the debates over homosexuality
The fast track to American inequality
Choosing Civility
Inconvenient Truths (not by Al Gore)
On the key Christian claim
21 points for the good life, well lived
On Conservative Christians
To Glen Beck -- "Progressivism" is not a dirty word!
An essay on violence
Added September, 2010

Some minor changes to Page 7

Added November, 2009

Why the AGW deniers are winning
Fear Not, What does rumor spreading say about Conservative Christians (some them)
A brief look at the Cash for Clunkers program
A brief look at the GPS system

Added for the Rico Bugle in May, 2009

Climate Change 101

Added March, 2009

What Will You Do When The Well Runs Dry?

Added February 2009

Religious humor from my Compuserve forum

Old Versions of this website from the INTERNET ARCHIVE WAYBACK MACHINE.

Added January 2009

A baseball hypothetical
The Discovery of Global Warming - external web site
A baseball simulation program developed in 1960-61
A study showing that the coefficient of restitution is not constant

Added December, 2008

Letter from the year 2048
An essay on Global Warming
A Biblical justification of slavery.
Three strange puzzles

Added November, 2008:

A Christian-Gay-Lesbian Bibliography
My review of DOOMSDAY, a book by Nicolas Gyatt

Added June, 2008:

Pointers to the IPCC reports on Global Warming

Notes on naive realism
A science lesson from Rush Limbaugh
A dog and cat diary (humor)
Two Political Phenotypes

Added February, 2008:

A series of baseball puzzle articles, written in 2008 for the Rico Bugle.

For instance, how can a pitcher, in a single game, get credit for a win, a loss and a save? Article #1 poses this. Article #2 explains the answer and poses another puzzle. And so it goes . . .

A poll of Republicans, showing that most disbelieve evolution

Added August, 2007:

What Science Is (external link) by Wendee Holtcamp
(note: Originally published in the National Center for Science Education Newsletter, Sep-Dec 2003 issue.)

My review of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH, by Al Gore
My review of THE GOD EFFECT, by Brian Clegg
My review of CREATION AND THE COURTS, by Norman Geisler
My review of THE MIGHTY AND THE ALMIGHTY, by Madeline Albright
My review of LIES MY TEACHER TOLD ME, by James Loewen
My reviews of LONGITUDES AND ATTITUDES and OFF CAMERA by Thomas Friedman and Ted Koppel

Added May, 2007:

An essay on the size of the universe, for the Rico Bugle
An essay on the age of the universe, for the Rico Bugle
An essay on the small, for the Rico Bugle
My Review of THE GOOD FIGHT, by Peter Beinart
My Review of AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, by Richard Clarke
You Can Take it to the bank! (Essay for the Rico Bugle)
My Review of ONE WORLD, by John Polkinghorne

Added December 2006

An essay on virtue ethics by Roman Miller (from PSCF - posted by permission)

Added October 23,2006

My Review of IMPOSTER, How George W. Bush Bankrupted America
My Review of Manhunt, The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer
My Review of STRATEGERY, How George W. Bush is Defeating Terrorists, Outwitting Democrats, and Confounding the Mainstream Media, by Bill Sammon

Added August 12, 2006

My Reviews of IT'S MY PARTY TOO, by Christine Whitman, OUR ENDANGERED VALUES, by Jimmy Carter, and CRASH!NG THE PARTY, by Ralph Nadar
The Kansas Culture Crusade, by Thomas Frank
My Review of KEEP UP GOOD COURAGE, by Frazer Houston

Added August 3, 2006

My Review of AMERICAN THEOCRACY, The Peril and Politics of Radical Religion, Oil and Borrowed Money in the 21st Century, by Kevin Phillips

My Review of FAILED STATES, by Noam Chomsky
My Review of THE TRUTH ABOUT TOLERANCE, by Brad Stetson and Joseph G. Conti
My Review of THE ANONYMOUS GOD, edited by David Adams and Ken Schurb
My Review of FREAKONOMICS, by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner.
My Review of WHAT GOD KNOWS, edited by Harry Lee Poe and Stanley Mattson.
My Review of TWO GREAT TRUTHS, by David Ray Griffin

Added April 8, 2006

My Review of TEAM OF RIVALS, by Doris Kearns Goodwin
My Reviews of "1776" and WASHINGTON'S CROSSING
My Revew of IN OUR DEFENSE, by Kennedy and Alderman
My Review of GARBAGE LAND, by Elizabeth Royte (added April 8, 2006)

November, 2005

Repeal the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics! (humor)
Daffynitions (humor)
Bob and Nancy (humor)
My Review of A SHORT HISTORY OF PROGRESS, by Ronald Wright
My Review of THE ANCESTOR'S TALE, by Richard Dawkins
My Review of THEODORE REX, by Edmund Morris.
My Review of MY LIFE, by Bill Clinton.
My Review of THE RIGHT TO PRIVACY, by Ellen Alderman and Caroline Kennedy
My Review of FOUNDING FATHER, by Richard Brookhiser
My Brief review of THE LONGEST WINTER, by Alex Kershaw
My Brief review of NEGRO PRESIDENT, by Garry Wills
My Brief review of FOUNDING BROTHERS, by Joseph Ellis

July, 2005

Christopher Sharp's refutations of young earth creationism (external link)

June, 2005

Review of David Callahan's THE CHEATING CULTURE

April 2005

My Review of Peter Singer's THE PRESIDENT OF GOOD AND EVIL
My Review of Eugenie Scott's EVOLUTION AND CREATIONISM

February 2005

How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb? (humor)
Employee Performance Evaluations (humor)

January, 2005

My Review of Gavin Weightman's SIGNOR MARCONI'S MAGIC BOX
My Review of Kenneth Silverman's LIGHTNING MAN, The accursed life of Samuel F. B. Morse

November, 2004

What is a fundamentalist?
After the 2004 election ...

October, 2004

Bush and the church-state separation issue
Is Intelligent Design valid? One view.
My Review of Paul Davies' THE COSMIC BLUEPRINT
My Review of David Downing's THE RELUCTANT CONVERT

June, 2004

External link to a site describing how Dr. Myers escaped from fundamentalism Page 2, section 4.

May, 2004

Added section 15 on page 2, "Politics." A collection of interesting articles. Both liberal and conservative views.

March, 2004

External link to "Creationism Debunked Page 2, section 4
Notes on ICR's ACTS AND FACTS, Mar 2004 Page 2, section 4

January, 2004

Page 2, section 4: Darwin's Cathedral, a book review

December, 2003

Page 2, section 2: The Fracture of Good Order, a book review
Page 2, section 4: Notes on a YEC seminar

November, 2003

Added an external link on page 2, section 10 to the Human Rights Campaign
The Human Rights campaign, an advocacy group

Added two links in the Young Earth section, page 2, section 4, as follows:
The earth is fixed in space! (External link)
A challenge to creationists by Robert Little

Added a comment on liberalism on page 2, section 11 as follows:
What is a liberal, anyway?

Added several quotations to the set on page 2, section 11, as follows:
A few quotations I really like

October, 2003 (from here on, these are not links)

A definition of the ID argument, page 2, section 5.
comments on what the Apostle Paul knew, page 2, section 10.
several links in the Young Earth section, page 2, section 4.
comments on what it means to be human on page 2, section 11.
a link to space pictures on page 2, section 11
link to a Guide for Straight persons on gay etiquette , page 2, section 10.
an external link to a comparison of gays and lefthanders, page 2, section 10
my book review of "Things a Computer Scientist Rarely Talks About," page 2, section 3
Completed page 7, Science/Religion course for High Schoolers

September, 2003

"age of humanity," page 6.
Planet Without Laughter" (external link) page 2, section 2.

August 2003

remarks on the YEC movement page 2, section 4.
link to Keith Miller's remarks titled "An Evolving Creation" in section 4.
link, page 2, section 10, to
New link for Glen Morton, returned to the states from Scotland (page 2, section 5)
Quote about free will from Peter Singer (page 2, bottom)
Updated information on Habitat for Humanity (page 2, section 12)
the Vatican's 8/2003 arguments on the homosexual issue (page 2, section 10)

May 2003

The Darwin Legend hoax (page 2, section 14)
Book review -- Three views on Creation, by Moreland (page 2, section 3)
Book review -- Into the Shadows, by DeHaan (page 2, section 3)
Essay -- Does the Bible Teach a spherical earth, Robert Schneider (page 2, section 2)
Essay -- Am I an Evangelical, Allan Harvey (page 2, section 11)

April 2003

Updates to my course on Religion & Scientific Naturalism (page 6)
Hoax about Pepsi Cola (page 2, section 14)
Why did the chicken cross the road (page 2, section 6, humor)
Meyers-Briggs prayers (page 2, section 6, humor)
A self-referential story, by David Moser (page 2, section 6, humor)
How I Met My Wife (page 2, section 6, humor)
Three Texas Aggies meet St. Peter (page 2, section 6, humor)
Rules of grammar (page 2, section 6, humor)
Can a person argue against the war and still support our troops? (page 2, section 11)
Am I an Evangelical? (page 2, section 11)
Quantum Suicide (page 2, section 11)
Schrodinger's Cat (page 2, section 11)
A debate on ethics from the ASA LISTSERV (page 2, section 11)

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