In July, 2014, I completed a short story about a dog’s life. You can see it here at


I wrote in 2013, for my own amusement, an auto scrapbook, titled:

               From the beginning of time until 2100

The book is meant for viewing on a PC monitor; the size makes it not practical for printing. It is subdivided into 16 chapters, with over 1000 pictures in 1174 pages. Most cars get their own page.

The size of the book is about 223 megabytes; the largest chapter, 1931 to 1940, is
about 24 megabytes; 97 cars in 100 pages.

In 2014 I condensed it to a smaller version, 80 pages, suitable for printing, which is on my Google Drive at:


1 0001-1880 The Tinkerers
2 1881-1890 The Inventors
3 1891-1900 The Developers
4 1901-1910 Bleeding Edge Buyers
5 1911-1920 The Explosion

Chapters 1-5 of the large book are available on Google Drive at

6 1921-1930 Technology Catches Up
7 1931-1940 The Age of Elegance
8 1941-1950 Pause and Regroup
9 1951-1960 Inverted Bathtubs
10 1961-1970 Where Next?

Chapters 6-10 of the large book are available on Google Drive at
11 1971-1980 Muscle Cars
12 1981-1990 The Age of the Strange and Ugly
13 1991-2000 Rise of the Monsters
14 2001-2010 Reaction and Reinvention
15 2011-2020 Hybrids and Electrics
16 2021-2100 The Shimmering Future – or Not

Chapters 11-16 of the large book are available on Google Drive at

On April 27, 2014, I disposed of my 50+ year collection of Motor Trend magazine, by donating it to a museum, Dick’s Classic Garage in San Marcos, Texas. Their web site is

I have placed a copy of the first 4 issues, Sept – Dec 1949 on my Google Drive. Here are the links:


Some other files which may be of interest:


All the BBC (My 1960 Baseball computer simulation game) files. There are a lot of them!

My SABR essay on baseball variability


Bess Kalb article on the origin of the BBC game

My personal web site

The Burgeson clan, 7-6-2013


Link to the BBC game  on Wikipedia



I also wrote a true story of a time when God worked with us outside of time.

The link is A true story

I also wrote a history of the automobile which is available in two forms, the first is over 1,000 pages and suitable for viewing only on a PC monitor. The second is a condensed version, 80 pages suitable for printing.

The link is The History of the automobile, 0001 to 2100

I wrote a piece on the adoption of Daniel Burgeson from Korea. It is short.

The link is at DANIEL

Finally, I wrote a short piece called MASKS, THE HUMAN CONDITION. It is centered on my daughter Anna.

The link is at MASKS

More of my writings, primarily book reviews for PERSPECTIVES, the quarterly journal of the American Scientific Association, are on page 2 of my webite.

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