Rush Limbaugh Science Lesson

On 5/27/2008 I heard Rush Limbaugh give a science lesson on global warming.

From my notes, here is the gist of the lesson, which, in his usual bombastic way, full of sighs, he managed to condense into only 15 minutes of his program.

The Mars Phoenix venture was a great success. Here is what it teaches us:

1. The vehicle landed at about the north pole, where the temperature is minus 100 F

2. 95 percent of the Mars' atmosphere is CO2

3. That compares with earth's atmosphere which is only 0.038 percent.

4. Or -- not quite four percent (yes, he actually said this)

5. The air pressure on Mars is the equivalent of earth at 100,000 feet.

6. There is, therefore, less air on Mars than on earth

7. Yet -- there is 90 times as much CO2 there as there is on earth

8. Therefore, if CO2 leads to higher temperatures, Mars should be boiling!

9. Since it is not (it is -100 F), CO2 clearly does NOT lead to global warming

10. Therefore, global warming is disproven. All the scientists who support it are either incompetent or are lying to serve their liberal masters. Mostly members of the Democrat (sic) Party.

11. He also predicted that the left would cite Jupiter's observed global warming as evidence that this phenomenon (global warming) is also happening on earth and that humans are responsible for both.

12 He had a lot of fun with that one. Even he knows Jupiter is too far away to be influenced by anything humans do. Apparently he does not think the "environmental wackos" know this.

How many innocent children do you think will be home schooled in this rotgut tomorrow?

Makes the ICR/AIG arguments look almost rational!

" I have been attacked by Rush Limbaugh on the air, an experience somewhat akin to being gummed by a newt. It doesn't actually hurt, but it leaves you with slimy stuff on your ankle."br -- Molly Ivins, May/June 1995 Mother Jones


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