The Creed of the "true believer."

I have the TRUTH. If you don't believe what I believe, the way I believe it, then you are not a believer.

If you don't live the way I live, and act the way I act, then even if you say you believe what I believe the way I believe it, you are not a believer.

If you're not a believer, you are a danger to yourself and others, and you need to be kept from being a bad influence on others.

The ideal of free speech applies only to true believers; others are not included.

My Scripture is the only true literature. Everything else is riddled with lies and deceit, and may not be used to interpret my Scripture.

My Scripture interprets itself. To understand it, I need only to compare Scripture passages that cover the same subject or use the same word.

My Scripture requires no interpretation. It means exactly what I say it says.

If evidence of any kind contradicts my Scripture, as I have been taught to interpret it, then there is something wrong with the evidence.

I try to get everyone around me to believe like me, or at least to behave like me.

It is my job, commanded by GOD, to warn everyone I can about the error, danger, or evil of not believing the way I believe.

I have a spiritual leader whom I obey without question.

My Scripture is my guide in all matters, and its rules apply without modification or interpretation directly to all people in all times and places.

There is always a clear and simple choice between Good and Evil. Anyone who thinks otherwise is siding with Evil.

I do not do things my interpretation of the Scripture or my leader tell me not to do.

I do not read, listen to, or watch anything that might possibly be in contradiction to my beliefs.

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