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Big news! A full time (24/7) Major League Baseball television channel began broadcasting on January 1, 2009! That's channel 108 at our home in Houston. So far we've seen a special on the Negro Leagues, most of Don Larsen's perfect game, part of a documentary on Ted Williams and much more. Check your cable or dish provider.

This month's puzzle: Its the year 2029, and Wyatt Jones is pitching a no-hitter for the Denver Rockies with his team leading 1-0. In the top of the 9th, with two out, Wyatt walks the Astros Max Reeser. The next batter, Jimmy Fallon, hits a ground ball between 1st and second that hits Reeser. The rules say Max is out but Fallon gets credit for a single. Does Jones get credit for a no-hitter?

Trivia time: Little known statistics: In 1908, the Chicago White Sox got a total of three (3) home runs all season! In 1913, Christy Mathewson threw 68 innings without walking a single batter. In 1935, Augie Galen (Cubs) played 154 games and never hit into a double play. More statistics: 50% of the stuff people say you should learn you will never need or use. Of course, 50% of all the stuff you will need and use nobody will ever tell you about. That's life.

Back to the puzzle: What about Wyatt Jones? Well, when Jimmy's batted ball hit Reeser, that made Max the third out. None the less -- Jimmy IS credited with a single. Did Wyatt pitched a no-hitter? Now this play has never happened -- yet. So I'll make the call. No. It's not a no-hitter. The single is real and appears in the box score, and Wyatt is shown as having given up one hit. Bummer!

Imagine the sports columns that would be written if this ever happened!


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