The other day I heard a preacher use the text of the Song of Solomon in her sermon. In over 40 years of church services, I think this was a first. Two comments she made that I wrote down in my notes:

"Sex is a holy and beautiful gift of God.
So we don't talk about it in church."

"Sex is dirty --
so save it for the one you love."

She was being ironic in both these remarks, of course.

The homosexual issue is not about casual sex, or sexual perversion. Both of these activities are clearly proscribed by the scriptures. Fundamentalists and ultra-liberals agree on this. The issue is simply whether a long term, loving, domestic partnership, which may or may not involve genital contact, between two adults of the same gender, is anywhere condemned by scripture. I, and many other responsible persons who have studied the issues, and the scriptures, have concluded that it is not. Others disagree. I invite you to the study materials on my site.

John Burgeson, March, 2001

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