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Metanexus is a free service providing news and essays on science/religion from a variety of differing viewpoints. The articles are in "txt" (plaintext) form; use the backspace key or the browser "Back" button to return to this page.

Additions since 10/17/2002 -- newest at the top:

Islam, Science, and Contemporary Society 11/04/2002
Two reviews of books critiquing creationism 10/28/2002
Pathways and Crossroads, Science & Religion 10/22/2002

10/17/02 and before (Reverse order)

Interpretation matters: an essay many will disagree with 10/17/2002
Defusing the Neuron Bomb (Fundamentalism) 10/16/2002
On Euthanasia 10/09/2002
Beyond Darwin (2/2) 10/08/2002
Beyond Darwin (1/2) 10/01/2002
On Pascal (response) 09/26/2002
On Pascal 07/19/2002
Seduced by Science 06/24/2002
Mind-Body Dualism 06/13/2002
On Education (2/2) 06/10/2002
On Education (1/2) 06/07/2002
Stem cells - Who cares?: Jeff W. Dahms 05/10/2002
The Anthropic Principle: Epistemological Issues: Nancey Murphy 05/01/2002
Darwinian Ethics 04/12/2002
Evolutionary Ethics 04/11/2002
Human Rights Law, Religion, and the Gendered Moral Order (04/08/2002)
Suggestions for the proponents of Intelligent Design 08/31/2001
"Never Such Innocence Again": A Review of Jonathan Glover's Humanity 09/26/2001
Omphalos -- how the 6,000 year old earth could be "explained" 09/05/2001
Dialog on Darwin 11/29/2001
The Quantum Stew 10/16/2001
Future Visions 08/17/2000

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