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Marley was non-viable, to begin with; there is no doubt whatever about that, except for general philosophical questions about the permanence of death and the very real possibilities of reincarnation. The label "non-viable" is also fairly confining, yet, as Marley left no heirs or significant others, protests were not forthcoming.


With his karma in the condition it was, chances were good that the host body that Marley's spirit might next inhabit would be of the invertebrate type, and until a champion for those speechless phyla comes forward, it is unlikely we shall ever hear from or about Marley again. So, for all practical purposes, Marley was as non-viable as a doornail.


Unless you happen to be an animist, of course. But enough digression.


Scrooge certainly knew Marley had advanced into a post-life situation. ...


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