Academics who actively support Young Earth Creationism


What puzzles me is the number of purportedly respectable academics who support young earth creation-- specifically ICR (The Institute for Creation Research).


Among this roster are these gentlemen, all of whom are on the ICR Technical Advisory Board:


Edward Blick, Ph.D., Professor of Petroleum Engineering, OklahomaUniversity. Glenn Morton -- this is your field. How does Blick support his stance and his academic life? How do people graduating from Oklahoma University get along in your field?


David Boylan, Ph.D, Professor of Chemical Engineering, Iowa State University.


Malcom Cutchins, Ph.D, Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Auburn University. This one amazes me, for the YEC mishmash I have read has much to say about the "false findings" of the space program. I wonder if any of our astronauts ever studied under this person?


Robert Eckel, Ph.D, Professor of Medicine, University of Colorado. I must check out my doctor's diploma next time I'm there -- if he graduated from the U of C I may have to ask him some questions. Can a YEC practice modern medicine? How might the diagnosis of a YEC physician differ from that of a normal doctor?


Carl Fliermans, Ph.D, Microbial Ecologist, Westinghouse Corporation. Um. What new insights might a YEC ecologist bring to the profession? Would he bring any at al?


Joseph Henson, Ph.D, Chair of the Science Division at Bob Jones University. I'll bet science courses are a hoot there!

How on earth do graduates find real jobs? maybe at the Coors Brewing Company here in Colorado -- I understand that family has funded stuff like the YEC nonsense. They also televise some of the raunchiest beer commercials Iíve ever seen. But when did consistency ever matter?


Gailen Marshall Jr., Ph.D, M.D., Director of Allergy & Clinical Immunology, University of Texas (Houston). Like the late physicist Thomas Barnes, who labored for the U of Texas El Paso, only this guy treats people for real problems. Anyone on this list want to consult him?


David Menton, Ph.D, Professor of Anatomy, Wisconsin University. Someone up in cheese country might tell this guy that men do NOT have one fewer rib than women.


John Oller, Ph.D, Head of Dept of Communicative Disorders, University of SW Louisiana. Gee, am I glad my son moved out of Louisiana last year! Although Texas has its own share of strange people, as the next entry will show.


Ker Thompson, Ph.D, Professor of Geophysics, Baylor University. Another in your field, Glenn, and close to where you work. Maybe you need a consultant on your next study. I'm sure he would be interested.


Guys -- these are real people. They hold what are, to almost all of us, views which denigrate both the scientific traditions we revere, and many of the findings of our sciences.


They need to be loved as fellow Christians; their IDEAS need to be exposed for the frauds they are.


But while we fiddle around, and sometimes win a few, they are winning the war. And their students, in many cases, are turning from the faith when the fraud is exposed; it is hard for me to blame them.


Maybe I'm wrong. maybe the YECers are NOT winning. But I've asserted such on this list (and elsewhere) many times; I don't recall a rebuttal. So what happens when (or if) they do win?


I fear for our civilization.