Here are pictures (some added new on 11-11-02) of the Habitat for Humanity build taken in the fall of 2002 at the 58th and Olive Street site in Denver, Colorado. This is the duplex built for a Muslim family and a Catholic family by eleven faith fellowships, including two Jewish congregations, a Unitarian church, a Catholic church, and seven Protestant congregations, including Montview Blvd Presbyterian.

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Pictures from the dedication -- Nov 10, 2002

People gather for the dedication
The program
Phil Campbell, Park Hill Congregational
Gaurdie Bannister, Macedonia Baptist
Kirk Loadman-Copeland, First Universalist
Rick Averitt, Montview Presbyterian
Willy Anthony, Peoples' Presbyterian
Response from Abdel Meged
Response from Laura Castillas for her mother, Marta
Anthem, "Sing Thanks!" by the combined choir
Closing prayer by the rabbi (sorry -- missed his name)
The Castillas family/a>
The Meged family
Picture taking by assorted kibitzers

Pictures added 10-23-2002

House on 10-19-02 -- full view
North driveway going in
Volunteer ready to work
Two more volunteers

pictures added 10-14-02

Hard working pooch
Concentration on the job
Lunch is served
Site on Oct 11th
Dick Harvey & Bob Matchett
Macedonia folks
Matchett falling off the scaffolding

H4H Staff members, some caught in off moments (working instead of managing)

Brady (he's in charge. Just ask him.)
Brady's 2nd job -- keeping the volunteers caffinated
Kristi (the brains of the outfit)
Stephanie (fixes what the volunteers muck up)
Bruce (Keeps Brady on the right track)
Chris (keeps Bruce on the right track)
Jon (Keeps Chris on the right track)
Staff member? I think so but I'm not sure
Ann (supposedly related to some movie "star" I've never heard of)
Staff members really getting into their work.

The following were the first batch placed on the web site in early October
The Castillas Family
Right H4H sign
The Meged Family (kids shown in next picture)
Left H4H sign
September 6 start
A Montview work crew
NE Denver Faith Coalition crew, 9/14/2002
Some assembly required
Richard Balay
Lunch time
Burgy & Jennie from Macedonia
Bill Aldridge
Sept 25th -- framing is done
Two ready to work
Who? Us?
Marilyn Ackerman -- determination for the task
Let me finish my coffee first!
Brandon & Linda

Other pictures, as they are taken, will appear later
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