I wrote this to our newspaper in Georgetown, Texas, in 1988


101 Skyline Rd.
Georgetown, Texas 78628

To begin with, a "Buckeye" is a native of Ohio, or else a nut* belonging to the Buckeye tree, which grows prolifically in that Midwestern state. It is a proud appellation, and not to be confused with the peculiar term "Yankee," which designates an inhabitant of these United States far to the east. My wife, and I, and three of our family of ten, are Buckeyes. We also include a native of Illinois (an Illini?), a Floridian, and three Koreans in our family, so you can see we are not partial to any one region!

It was in July of 1976 that we first encountered this splendid community, and began to meet some of the finest people God has seen fit to allow to inhabit the earth. A new job opportunity with IBM, a chance to escape the intense crowding of the once desirable "Gold Coast" of Florida, we were seeking a place, following several regional transfers, to put down some "roots." From the first day in Central Texas, it was evident that Georgetown was to be that community.

First impression of Georgetown - Texas Barbecue! How could we have possibly existed through nearly a half-century of living without ever having encountered this ambrosia of the gods? Chicken Fried Steak - same song, second verse. It is incredible, dear people, to think that even today, vast hordes of our fellow countrymen still languish in complete ignorance of these gifts to human-kind. How tragic! I weep for them!

Second impression of Georgetown - with some trepidation, we first led our large mixed-race family through the front doors of First Baptist Church. Many assurances to the contrary, we had been racial targets of less enlightened folks in several places of past residence. And this WAS a "small southern town!" What an absolute delight to be welcomed, and be made to feel at home, by not only that church, but others in the community. And not only by churches and church people, but by many others. As a matter of fact, the only negative reaction I can remember was a plaintive cry by a neighborhood child, as our eight offspring crowded aboard the already cramped bus the first day of school!

We have been resident in Georgetown now for nearly 12 years. We find ourselves in a community of caring, concerned, friendly people. We compare Georgetown on occasion to other places we have lived; it excels in most categories; it comes short in very few. (It WOULD be nice if it were on the seacoast!).

Space does not allow an acknowledgement to the many many great people we have been privileged to know, yet some of them have been of such personal impact that they cannot go unrecognized. Jack Frost, Charles and Jody Steger, Al and Peggy Cummins, James and Judy Shepherd, Jimmy and Gayla Chambers ... are just a few of many. It is our great fortune to have been here, in this time, at this place, and to have benefitted by these associations. To all of our many friends in this town, thank you, for being who you are, and for being our friends.

* There are those, of course, who maintain both categories are "nuts." I shall ignore such slurs on my state of origin (not MY fault) and press ever onwards!

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