Here is a hoax email which asserts that Al Gore denigrates Christianity.

"Refusing to accept the earth as our sacred mother, these Christians have become a dangerous threat to the survival of humanity. They are the blight on the environment and to believe in Bible prophecy is unforgivable."

--VP Al Gore, in his book EARTH IN BALANCE, p.342

The quotation, which is easily checked by looking in Gore’s book, is false. The writer, who exhibits a sincere lack of functional integrity, ought to be ashamed of himself. Or herself.


On page 263 of Gore’s book, there are words which are similar, but which express quite a different position:


“For some Christians, the prophetic vision of the apocalypse is used — in my view, unforgivably — as an excuse for abdicating their responsibility to be good stewards of God's creation. Secretary of the Interior James Watt … was once quoted as belittling concerns about environmental protection in part because it would all be destroyed by God in the apocalypse. Not only is this idea heretical in terms of Christian teachings, it is an appallingly self-fulfilling prophesy of doom.”


To the best of my knowledge, Gore claims he is a Christian.