Here is yet another “Christian” story – written by one who thinks that a good false story beats truth and integrity every time.

Recently, it has been learned regarding the last few minutes of Alaska Airlines flight 261, before it crashed, the end of January. A man related last week that he talked with an AA pilot who is involved in the investigation of the crash of Alaska Flight 261. The pilot listened to the cockpit voice recorder from the downed plane and reported that for the last 9 minutes of the flight, the wife of the pastor from Monroe, Washington can be heard sharing the Gospel with the passengers over the airplane's intercom system. Just before the final dive into the Pacific Ocean, she can be heard leading the sinner’s prayer for salvation!


The pilot also told us that the flight data recorder from the plane indicates that there is no good explanation for the plane remaining in the air for those final 9 minutes. But it did remain in the air until the pastor's wife finished sharing the Gospel and presumably lead many to Christ in those final moments.


Interesting, we haven't heard any of this on the evening news...


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There is absolutely no evidence that this event ever happened.


The CVR transcript of AA 261 was made public in December 2000. It does not support this pious fiction.


But why let truth stand in the way of a “good lie for Jesus?”