For those who hate Bill Clinton, this hoax letter is circulating

As you know, the Clintons established residence in New York for Hillary to run for the Senate. So they bought that big house -- BUT there was no place for the Secret Service, which has the  responsibility to protect the First Family.


So, a special 'safe area' was built. NOW, the Clintons are charging them rent! It just happens that their rent is about same amount as the Clinton’s mortgage payment! SO, we taxpayers pay for the Secret Service addition, AND the Clinton's mortgage.


What a rip-off! Please forward this to everyone you know!

The Secret Service says that, based on a government formula, the Clintons are entitled to charge the government approximately $1,000 per month rent, most likely much less than their mortgage. They have also declined to collect those payments.


But for those who hate – the truth probably is not a factor.