It was 1959, and we were about to drag our tired overworked selves to Akron to shop for a new (used) car. It was a Saturday as we headed into town.

Earlier that week I had seen this grand old car on a side street with a "For Sale" sign attached. Just on a whim, I decided to drive past it on the way to Honest John's Rustbucket Emporium.

Much to my surprise, Carol spotted it before I did, and exclaimed in excitement over itas we approached. I had NO IDEA she liked old cars! What a grand surprise.

We bought it for $325.

We owned this fantastic machine for four years, selling it in 1963 for $250. Two of our children arrived home in this car. I used to take my IBM customers to lunch in it as a treat. It was VERY painful to part with it and to this day I regret doing so. Here is a dashboard view, taken the day it was sold.

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