by John Burgeson

Puzzle # 5 read:

Dodger Bill Sharman was once thrown out of a game. Yet he never played. (This really did happen).

How is this possible?


Bill was a Dodger executive, who was sitting on the bench in a 1950s game when the umpire, being baited once too often, cleared the bench. Rule 4.08 allows him to do this but he must permit dismissed players to return for substitution if necessary. Bill, not being on the roster, is the only person who was thrown out of a game who never played.

A real story. It was Saturday, June 30, 1951. I was 20 years old. I invited my brother, Paul, age 13, to go with me in my new MGTC sports car to Cleveland Stadium for the Sunday double header. Feller would be pitching.

Saturday night, however, Burgy stayed out a little late and was in no shape to drive the 80 miles to the game the next day. "Next week," I promised Paul.

But that Sunday was when the Tribe won two games, and Feller pitched his third no hitter! I think my brother has never quite forgiven me! Every July 1st, I get a postcard from him. It just reads "July 1, 1951."

Puzzle #6

A team, in a regular league game, records four (4) outs in one-half inning.

How is this possible?

For the answer, see ANSWER

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