Text of address given by the Rev. T. Jonathan Brimstone, Tuesday, November 1, 1994, to the Northern California chapter of the Christian Enlightenment Society. The Christian Enlightenment Society is a national organization of scripturally correct conservative Christian Republicans.


Introduction of Rev. T. Jonathan Brimstone

 by state chairman Brother Brian Tuttlesworth


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to all of you, and what a crowd!, to this most important meeting of the Northern California District of the Christian Enlightenment Society. I am Brother Brian Tuttlesworth, the California state chairman of CES. To those of you who are visiting by special invitation, this is the biblically correct conservative Christian Republican caucus. We are a national organization with chapters in every state. Even though we are a private organization with selective membership, and do not publicize our organization or its events and conferences in any of the media, we are still growing in numbers at such a rapid rate that new chapters are being formed daily. Again, we welcome you to this specially called meeting.


I am indeed honored to be given the privilege of introducing as our speaker the very highly esteemed clergyman, writer, and educator, the Reverend T. Jonathan Brimstone. I know of no man who has generated such love and respect from the most influential men in America, and that fact is obvious by the standing-room-only crowd at this meeting.


You are going to be startled by what you are about to hear. The Rev. Brimstone is going to identify the anti-Christ, who wears the mark of the beast, 666. We all know him very well. He has diabolically concealed his true identity from us, until tonight. We hope that you are prayed up. You will be angry at what you learn, not only angry at the deception of the individual revealed, but you will be angry at yourselves for sleeping while the devil reigned.


So brace yourselves as we bring to the podium, perhaps the greatest biblical scholar of all time, the Rev. T. Jonathan Brimstone.



               Address of the Rev. T. Jonathan Brimstone


Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU! What a wonderful reception! Thank you. Please be seated.


And yes, it is my real name. I take a lot of kidding over it.


My fellow biblically correct conservative Christian Republicans, members of the Christian Enlightenment Society, I come to you tonight with a heavy heart, but not without an intense feeling of astonishment, rage, indeed righteous indignation and a sense of vicious betrayal by a man whom we accepted as a Christian leader and who, with his colleagues, manipulated us into a position of personal trust and to whom we have given thousands of our dollars.


To our own discredit, we were so dazzled by the perceived prominence of this man and his cohorts that we failed to notice the huge red flags waving wildly in the winds of their rhetoric.


We all know that the Bible tells us that Satan comes as an "angel of light" (2 Corinthians 11:13), and that he sows discord among the brethren (St. Matthew 13:39), causing derision, division, and confusion. Yet we have allowed this very work of Satan to give birth, grow, and fertilize right under our very noses without a whiff of the deceit bringing us to our senses.


We have watched without seeing; heard their mobilizing words without comment or challenge; and have been a silent partner as the so-called Christian Coalition literally tore apart churches that would not preach politics.


We aided and abetted Christian Coalition meetings where individuals were trained as "church liaisons" to infiltrate churches and pressure pastors to no longer preach Christ but to turn their churches into political boiler rooms. And we have sanctioned it, when a pastor rightfully refuses, to see these activists stir members of congregations against one another. And the devil, cloaked in conservative Christianity, has fulfilled his calling of causing division, derision, and confusion. Yet we have strayed so far from God and the Bible that we didn't even catch on.


In our passion to see a change in our government that would be sensitive to Christian concerns, we did not question Pat Robertson decided when he that HE was going to be president and publicly denounced his ordination to the ministry in order to pursue his fleshly ambitions and goals of wealth and power. This was a sincere man of God? Yet we slept.


Pat Robertson continually disgraced the cause of Christ and all conservatives but we dismissed each revelation as an "attack of the devil."


The latest Pat Robertson business scandal recently shook the cover of Newsweek and last week his unbiblical conduct was spotlighted on the ABC TV show Primetime, which detailed how he defrauded his faithful followers with a pyramid vitamin business scheme which pitched its wares in a manner redolent of the snake oil salesmen of the 1600s.


Much of the anti-Christian movement which has developed and continues to grow can be traced directly to Pat Robertson and his allies. Their flagrant disregard for honesty or ethics of any kind has angered all who have any sense of decency and because they are perceived as representative of Christianity, all of us suffer and are treated with suspicion.


Far too late to prevent serious damage to the cause of Christian conservativism, I set aside my own blind trust, and put Pat Robertson through a biblical test -- and he failed on every count. Every thing he's done is the very antithesis of ministerial or even Christian

qualifications. Indeed his conduct perfectly matches the conduct of Satan.


I reluctantly began deep research to determine if any characteristic of the anti-Christ could be found in him. This was personally difficult for me.


While many ministers denounce numerology as a work of the occult, the same ministers that denounce it have flimsily employed the technique in an attempt to solve biblical mysteries and to point the anti-Christ finger at politicians they do not like and competing religious leaders such as the Pope.


So, my dear biblically correct conservatives, in the quest for truth, for all our sakes, I consulted with a professional numerologist who took as his guide Harpers Encyclopedia of Mystical and Paranormal Experience, which contains what is considered by experts as the definitive explanation of the technique of numerology.


Numbering letters of the alphabet from one to nine A to I, then one to nine J to R, then one to nine S to Z, I began this painful investigation.


The total number gleaned from the name would be added. If it comes out to three numbers those three numbers are then added, reducing it to two, such as 15. The total of those two numbers, one and five, would total six.


We followed strict rules in calculating these totals so that we could never be accused of an inaccurate report. For instance, the double number 33 can not be added to come up with six. This and other strict guidelines were followed.


I will now show you on this blackboard how this works. Having put a number to each letter of the name examined, we start with BROTHER PAT ROBERTSON.


Spelling it out on the board, B is 2, R is 9, O is 6, T is 2, H is 8, E is 5, R is 9, P is 7, A is 1, T is 2, R is 9, O is 6, B is 2, E is 5, R is 9, T is 2, S is 1, O is 6, and N is 5.


When we total up these numbers we have 96. Adding the nine and six gives us 15. Adding the one and five gives us, well, there it is -- six.


This distressed me. I tried another combination to be certain. I did not want to accept what I was being shown.


I tried, hoping against hope, THE REV. ROBERTSON. This totaled 78, reduced to 15, and that again came out to six.


Still unconvinced, I this time tried THE REVEREND MARION GORDON ROBERTSON which came up 177, which came up 15, and again my brothers and sisters, it still came up six.


Becoming somewhat sick to my stomach, I made a desperate final attempt, using a combination of his names that would surely vindicate him. I tried, as you can see on the board, REVEREND BROTHER MARION GORDON "PAT" ROBERTSON. The letters totaled 213, which added together becomes six. There was no mistaking, Pat Robertson is a definite six.


I next calculated his business that began on donated funds as a Christian TV network, which he then sold at a huge profit to himself for secular business, calling it FAMILY CHANNEL. The total of the letters of Family Channel came up to a resounding 60 which becomes six.


To show how deceitful the devil is, we next calculated the organization Pat Robertson founded, the organization we felt was a work of God, his CHRISTIAN COALITION ORGANIZATION and, as should by now come as no surprise, the letters totaled six.


So there it is, unmistakable and clear: Pat Robertson comes up six, Family Channel comes up six, and Christian Coalition organization comes up six. It all comes up to the dreaded 666. Pat Robertson is indeed the beast; he IS the anti-Christ.


Now, how about those well-known allies of his, Dr. James Dobson, the Rev. James Kennedy, and the Rev. Jerry Falwell? People naturally flock to their own kind.


I ran through the name THE REV. JAMES DOBSON. Watch this on the board, the numbers of his name come to 69, added becomes 15, which becomes, yes that's right, six. To be fair I tried DOCTOR JAMES C. DOBSON. As you can see, we still come up with six. Giving him every benefit of the doubt, I tried, as you can see, BROTHER JAMES DOBSON, PH.D., which comes to 96, which comes to 15, which comes to six, as you can see on the board.


I ran through a valuable supporter of Christian Coalition, THE REV. JAMES KENNEDY. Look at these letters and numbers, we find another six. I tried REVEREND BROTHER JAMES KENNEDY, hoping he would prove to be the Christian minister he portrays on television and, as you can see, again we have the six, we cannot get away from this painful fact.


I investigated the name Jerry Falwell, even trying THE REVEREND BROTHER JERRY FALWELL and that totaled 159, which totaled 15, which totaled six.


So here are Pat Robertson's co-workers: Doctor James C. Dobson who is a six, the Rev. James Kennedy who is a six, and the Rev. Brother Jerry Falwell who is a six. Put this satanic alliance together and we have the unmistakable picture -- 666!


Now to firmly establish that we have been totally unequally yoked, and to prove that there is no question as to who these men really are, let's look at their ministries, so-called.


The Rev. James Kennedy is a six. CORAL RIDGE TELEVISION MINISTRIES, as you can see here, totals six, and his RECLAIMING AMERICA (annual conference) totals, yes, six. Put it together, Kennedy, Coral Ridge Television Ministries, and Reclaiming America, and we have the full 666.


We put Doctor James C. Dobson's ministry, so-called, to the test and here's the results. As you saw, Dr. Dobson is a definite six. An examination of Dr. Dobson's FOCUS ON THE FAMILY COMMUNICATIONS BROADCASTING turned up a six, and THE PROMISE KEEPERS MEN'S MINISTRIES brought us another six, making James Dobson another 666.


Need I say more? This truth cannot be denied. These facts cannot be disputed. We have been yoked with the anti-Christ. PAT ROBERTSON IS THE ANTI-CHRIST, and he, Dobson, Kennedy, and Falwell all become one.


I know this is disturbing, truth many times is. We can only thank God for He is faithful to reveal hidden things (Mark 4:22).


You know what to do. Cleanse yourselves from the satanic blasphemous contamination of Pat Robertson, James Dobson, James Kennedy, and Jerry Falwell. Separate yourselves from them, put oil on the doorposts of your homes, let no Christian be deceived any longer. Let's work to get our country and our churches back in the hands of true people of God: scripturally correct conservative Christian Republicans.


Thank you.

Date: 23-Nov-94 12:18  


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