Religious persuasions and baseball


Presbyterians believe the game is fixed.


Lutherans believe they can't win, but they do trust the Scorekeeper.


Quakers won't swing the bat.


Unitarians can catch anything, but can't find the right ballpark.


The Amish walk a lot.


Pagans sacrifice.


Jehovah's Witnesses are thrown out often.


Televangelists get caught stealing.


Episcopalians pass the plate.


Evangelicals make effective pitches.


Fundamentalists balk.


Mormons are in left field.


Independents are in right held.


Dunkers are down by three.


Adventists have a seventh-inning stretch.


Atheists refuse to have an Umpire.


Baptists want to play hardball.


Premillennialists expect the game to be called soon on account of darkness.


Postmillennialsts keep looking for the game to finally be perfected.


Amillennialists just keep on playing and playing and playing.


Methodists get traded every two years.


Preterists already know the final score.


The pope never commits an error.


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