Story is a visitor was welcomed at the church one day.


Stayed after services & complimented the minister on his sermon. "I'm going to donate $1,000 to your building fund," sezze. The minister was delighted; asked if he could put that in the bulletin next Sunday.


The visitor reluctantly agreed; he was a modest person.


Next Sunday, the man returned again. Much to his horror -- the bulletin thanked him for $100,000!


After services, he accosted the minister.

The minister apologized; "typographical error" he explained. He offered to print a retraction next Sunday.


Guy decided on a better course.


"I'll give you the $100,000," sezze. "But I get to choose the inscription over your new church entrance!"


"Has to be a Scripture verse." negotiated the minister, no fool he! The man agreed.


And so, the $100,000 was given and the new church was built.


And over the church door, to this day, the faithful may read these words of Jesus:


"I was a stranger, and you took me in"


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